Interview with Fashion Blogger Prachi kantiwal

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November 13, 2017
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Interview with Fashion Blogger Prachi kantiwal

Hello Peoples 🙂

Indian Fashion Blogger is back with another amazing Interview with Delhi based Fashion Blogger Prachi Kantiwal Personal Style Blogger. It was a wonderful Interview with Prachi, So let’s check take a look of this interview.

  • Q. Hi Prachi, tell us a bit about yourself to our readers

I am 24 year old Delhi university graduate, currently working as a full time auditor at KPMG and a huge fashion enthusiast who love to explore local markets of Delhi and promote money effective shopping. Also a dog lover!

  • Q. Where are you based?

New Delhi

  • Q. Are you a full time Fashion blogger?

No, Its a hobby, actually more of a side job, something to keep myself happy!

  • Q. How did you started Fashion blogging?

Ever since I moved to Delhi I have developed this immense love for its local markets. Its amazing how you can style yourself in the most trendy way in such less money. When I was college I use to experiment a lot with my outfits and post pictures which often earned me a lot of compliments, and this is how and why I started a fashion blog!

  • Q. Who inspire you to start blogging ?

My Mom. She herself has a brilliant dressing sense and she is the one who still picks my outfits. It is with her constant support and guidance that I could pursue my dream.

  • Q. What’s the Hardest Thing you faced in Blogging ?

There are many! Getting more people to see your content and keeping them engaged, (sometimes, you lose more followers everyday then you gain) constantly thinking of new content that is different from others.

  • Q. Who is your favorite fashion Blogger ?

I don’t follow anyone so closely so I don’t have a favorite.

Interview with Fashion Blogger Prachi kantiwal


  • Q. What is that favorite accessory that love most.

I think a pair of nice earrings, Jhumkis specially, is my favorite accessory.

  • Q. Apart from fashion, What other things do you have great interest in?

I love dancing, I want to make myself proficient in all forms of dance. And also I want to be a travel show host.

  • Q. Do you have a Personal website?

No. Currently I am active through my social media handles to get more people engaged and working towards developing better content. But its in process,so hopefully soon!

Fashion Blogger Prachi kantiwal 2

  • Q. What’s your future plans in the world of fashion?

I would love to walk ramp for some renounced designer someday and work alongside them. Also start my own brand of online shopping!

  • Q. If you could have a celebrity best friend, who would it be?

I think Sonam Kapoor. She has a great style and there is a lot to learn from her.

  • Q. You have huge followers on Instagram, What you would like to say to your fans of followers ?

I know it takes a lot of courage to do something that is different from this world, but if you wouldn’t then who would! Thank you for all your support and love, this is what keeps me going. Keep following!

I use Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat : People can follow me !

Snapchat- prachi93

Thanks Prachi kantiwal for this Interview 🙂

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