Interview with Fashion Blogger Naaz Arora “naaz.arora”

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Interview with Fashion Blogger Naaz Arora “naaz.arora” 1

Hello Peoples,

Meet “Naaz Arora” She is one of the most amazing & popular Chandigarh based Fashion Blogger. We have a great Interview with Naaz Arora. Let’s take a look of an interview with her.

Q. Please tell something About Yourself.

I am a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger currently pursuing my M.A.Eng and am also working as a Social Media Marketer for various brands!!

Q. Where are you Based?

Am based in city B’ful, Chandigarh

Q. Are you a full-time Fashion Blogger?

Yes, am a full-time blogger!

Q. What’s your Hobbies?

I love dancing and making musicals, these are currently my fav hobbies!

Q. What you like most to wear in Fashion?

My style is chic and casual, I wear lots of tees, shorts or denim.

Q. Which is your favorite destination to travel apart India?

Greece and NY City are on my wishlist!

Q. Tell us how you Started Fashion blogging?

It was super random, it started on an Instagram page, then I started writing blogs and now I even own a YouTube channel!

Q. Who is your inspiration to Start Fashion Blogging?

Nobody, I always loved fashion since childhood, it was all about channelizing my own interest.

Interview with Fashion Blogger Naaz Arora “naaz.arora” 2

Q. How do you get Latest Fashion Styles Ideas?

I try experimenting with my personal style and the latest trends and combine both together to invent my own style and create new looks.

Q. What’s the Hardest Thing you faced in Fashion Blogging?

Hardest thing – Chd is a small and slow city, where brands are very few so there are lesser opportunities where you can show your talent! I don’t like that fact.

Q. Do you like any Fashion Blogger, If yes so Who is your Favorite Fashion Blogger?

Well, I get more inspired by celeb fashion than any blogger, so I do have my favorite fashion site . And honestly most bloggers just copy celeb fashion, so you can’t really be inspired by ‘em.

Q. What is that favorite accessory that you Love most.

Sunglasses- I feel the different shapes of sunglasses add a unique edge to a basic outfit too!

Q. Apart from fashion, what other things do you have great Interest in?

Travel is something I love and live for, apart from fashion!

Q. If you were not Fashion Blogger, So what you would be today?

A fashion designer!!

Q. How was your First Photoshoot experience?

Photoshoots are always fun and I have been doing them for almost a lifetime now and I loved facing the camera since childhood so it was never difficult. My first blog photoshoot was done in my college and was really fun to do it!

Q. Which is your favorite Photoshoot ever?

I did one shoot to promote the disc Kitty Su, The Lalit, Chd that is till date my favorite shoot!

Q. What type of Photoshoot you like most?

I like a photo shoot having great architecture and backgrounds, so strong backgrounds with me in the spotlight, do the trick!

Q. Do you have a personal website?

Q. You started your with than turn your blog into a website. Do you think a Fashion blogger must have a website (not a blog on WordPress or Blogspot)?

I believe one should have their own website to improve their google search listing’

Q. What’s your future plans for you in the world of fashion?

Maybe I start my own line!!

Q. What brands do you currently work with?

Schwarzkopf, Flying Machine, Jabong, Tata Motors, are a few of my current brands!

Q. You have more than 42.5k follows, What you message you wanna give your fans or followers.

Own what you wear, confidence is the key!

Q. What’s your social media links that your peoples can follow you.
People can follow me on Social networks


Facebook Page:

Thanks, Naaz for sharing about you and giving all answers to questions. We will you have a great success in Fashion World.

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  1. Aamir says:

    It’s Good to read about Naaz. She is one of the best Fashion Blogger according to me. Naaz is doing really well in it. My good wishes are always with her for this amazing work.

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