Interview With Fashion Blogger Mrunali Chavan

Interview with Fashion Blogger Prachi kantiwal
Interview with Fashion Blogger Prachi kantiwal
November 16, 2017
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Indian Fashion Blogger presenting fist Interview with Fashion Blogger Mrunali Chavan(the_sassynized_blog) She is Beauty Advisor, Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer. So let’s

  • Q. Please tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a lifestyle/fashion Blogger , love to try out new things& fashion trends, mostly chirpy kind of a girl.

  • Q. Where are you based?

I’m a Nagpur/Pune based blogger.

  • Q. Are you a full time fashion blogger?

No, fashion blogging is just my hobby, I’m trying to work hard on it and get myself more into it , other than that I’m a interior designer too.

  • Q. When & How you started Fashion blogging?

I use to follow every single blogger on social media (Instagram) and admire how they look like diva all the time, I was totally obsessed with what they wear or what make up they use everything , Once when I was with my besties, We were talking about random work and one of them suggested me to start blogging because I had a thing for fashion and knew beauty related ideas and after full discussion with them I started posting on regular basis and explored more opportunities to make my content better.

  • Q. Who Inspire you to start Blogging ?

The people who inspired me to go for it are my besties and family without them I would have been confused if it’s a good idea to start or not and some special people who inspired me, Thankful to them and my followers because of them I got my way to more opportunities.

  • Q. What’s the Hardest Thing you faced in Blogging ?

As I started blogging it was really tough for me to create new content every that is different from others, didn’t knew how to keep getting my followers engaged in any activity also I had this phase were I was loosing followers in huge way, at some point that really made me feel like quitting also at that time quality of my images were not really nice.

  • Q. Who is your favorite Fashion Blogger ?

The one fashion Blogger I admire the most is Santoshi Shetty, I just love her bold yet charming personality.

  • Q.What is that favorite accessory that love most.

My favorite accessory that I love is a delicate neck chain and a classic hand bag or wallet.

  • Q. Apart from fashion, What other things do you have great interest in ?

I would love to be part of any nice commercial ad or anything good TV serial ,I have interest in acting.

  • Q. Do you have a personal website?

No, I am currently working on my social media handles first and then I’m gonna start my own website soon.

  • Q. What’s your future plans for you in the world of fashion?

I hope someday I’ll have my own fashion line and now working on getting every detail first.

  • Q. What’s your social media links that your fans can follow you.

People can follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat by name – the_sassynized_blog

Here’s Link : –

Instagram –
Snapchat– Add me on Snapchat! Username: mrunali_chavhan
Facebook page–

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