Interview with Fashion Blogger Eleganza

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Interview with Fashion Blogger Eleganza

We are back with another interview with Fashion Blogger “Erica Singh” (eleganzaofficial) Do not waste more time, Let’s just go with interview 🙂

  • Q. Hi Eleganza, Please introduce yourself


I am Erica and I am a Mumbai based beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger. I am blogging since 2012 but my blog is 2 years old.

  • Q. Where are you based? Like i said, I am Mumbai based

Like i said, I am Mumbai based

  • Q. Are you a full time fashion blogger?

Yes, you can say so. I am a full time blogger and entrepreneur.

  • Q. How did you started Fashion blogging?

I started fashion blogging 2 years back when I started my blog. People used to like the way I carry myself so I thought of fashion blogging to help my fellow fashion enthusiasts.

  • Q. What’s Blogging for you ?

Blogging is putting your creativity, heart, mind & soul in your work. To encourage someone with your words, to make someone happy about the way they look & feel. And of course, spreading positivity through your blog. Blogging is my dose of happiness.. Actually!

  • Q. Who inspire you to start blogging ?

Ummm.. honestly! I have started blogging long back in 2012 but I used to write for other bloggers. I used to get messages from my fellow bloggers, readers on my Facebook and WhatsApp to start blogging. This encouraged me to finally make a decision in 2015 that I should start my own blog. Also, while I did my regular job I had this constant hunch to start blogging full time.Apparently, I followed my bliss and created ‘Eleganza Official

  • Q. What’s the Hardest Thing you faced in Blogging ?

Honestly! Its the survival with less money. There is hardly any paid campaigns and you can’t survive on freebies. Till date many PR’s want us to work for free or in exchange of goodies which doesn’t pay our bills.

  • Q. Who is your favorite fashion Blogger ?

My favorite Fashion blogger is ‘The chicarmoire’ . Her sense of style is international. She is classy, feminine and beautiful.

  • Q. What is that favorite accessory in Fashion that love most.

Statement Neckpiece or corset belts, I believe! I love wearing statement necklaces on plain outfits. I think they have the ability to jazz up any outfit. Same goes with the corset belts.

  • Q. Apart from fashion, What other things do you have great interest in?

I have a strong interest towards Beauty and travel. I am originally a Beauty blogger turned Fashion blogger. I truly know about undertones, I can differentiate between 10 different reds and I do have a black belt in blending eyeshadows.

  • Q. Do you have a Personal website?

Yes I do, its Eleganza Official, It’s

Interview with Fashion Blogger Eleganza

  • Q. Where do you see yourself in Fashion Blogging ?

I wish to create a clothing line under my name in future. And also Collaborating with leading brands.

  • Q. You have 15k followers on Instagram

What you would like to say to your fans & followers ? Thank you guys for all your love & support. Because of you, I am following ny dreams. Keep loving and supporting me and I will always give back the love I recieve in tenfolds.

  • Q. Who is your favorite Celebrities in Fashion ?

I like Selena GomezGigi HadidDeepika PadukoneJacqueline Fernandez.

  • Q. How was you first Blogging Photoshoot ?

It was actually in a hotel and it went pretty good. I never felt uncomfortable. I was a bit hesitant at start then slowly went with the flow.

  • Q. What’s your social media links that your fans can follow you.

As I am very active on Instagram, I will share my Instagram link here

So she was Eleganza that shared about her & her Blogging journey. We will share more great intereview with Fashion Bloggers…. till follow us on Intsgram :

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