Interview with Fashion Blogger Anumeet Walia (theinspirarevogue)

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Interveiw with Fashion Blogger Anumeet Walia (theinspirarevogue)

Hello Peoples,

We are back with Another Beautiful & amazing Indian Fashion Blogger “Anumeet Walia“, Anumeet is young & talent Fashion Blogger & She has great interest in Fashion Designing but apart Fashion, She is Artist too.

Let’s know more about Anumeet Walia

Let’s know more about Anumeet Walia

  • Q. Hi Anumeet, tell us a bit about yourself.


I am Anumeet. I am 17 years old. I am currently studying in class 12th and I am a Teen fashion blogger. I am looking forward to a fashion design career.

  • Q. Where are you based?

I am based in Delhi, India.

  • Q. Are you a full time fashion blogger?

No, currently I am not a full time fashion blogger because I have to balance my academics as well. I try to create as much content as possible.

  • Q. How did you started Fashion blogging?

I started blogging back in 2016, I started blogging because I knew I love fashion and I wanted to share my perspective with other people. Eventually one day keeping my doubts aside I started a blog at WordPress. My best friend helped me deciding the name, eventually people started loving what I created and that’s what has kept me motivated.

  • Q. What’s Blogging for you ?

Blogging for me is CONFIDENCE, I keep my head up, I dress out of the box sometimes because my inner voice says “You’re a fashion blogger, express!”. I suffered from depression during my 10th because I didn’t love myself, I struggled like other teenagers do, blogging helped me exploring myself. When I pose I know I am 100% confident in my body and when I create I am 100% confident about my content as well. Blogging is my happiness and my passion and has helped me to accept myself.

  • Q. Who inspire you to start blogging ?

My biggest inspiration is Kritika Khurana, I looked at her photos everyday and I was like I want to do something like this. She is so confident in her own skin and she’s so positive. She is my biggest inspiration.

  • Q. Your Instagram Username is “theinspirarevogue” Why did you just choose theinspirarevogue ?

Inspirare, meaning “to inspire” in Latin. I got it inked back in 9th class because the word really fascinated me. It’s same as Ileana d’cruz ‘s tattoo. When I thought of starting a blog, I knew I wanted to inspire people with my work, and this whole 1.5 years of blogging, so many girls came up to me saying I am their inspiration, Inspirare eventually proved its meaning. Vogue meaning fashion, which is the main motive of my blog. So my bestfriend and I came up with “The Inspirare Vogue” where fashion is inspiration.

  • Q. What’s the Hardest Thing you faced in Blogging ?

The hardest thing I’ve faced in blogging is that I face a lot of difficulties in reaching wider audience. The audience I have right now is very supportive but sometimes when I don’t get the number of views I expect I eventually end up crying but I never give up. I keep thinking of the content which is new, I sometimes design my own outfits and express my story on it.

  • Q. Who is your favorite fashion Blogger ?

My favorite fashion blogger is Kritika khurana and Santoshi Shetty.

  • Q. What is that favorite accessory in Fashion that love most.

My favorite fashion accessory has to be a statement neckpiece.

  • Q. Apart from fashion, What other things do you have great interest in?

Apart from Fashion, I really like Sketching.

  • Q. Do you have a Personal website?

No, right now I don’t own a personal website. But soon I am planning to upgrade my blog to my own personal one.

  • Q. Where do you see yourself in Fashion Blogging ?

To be honest, not in much big places because it’s very hard to reach places. But I never compare, I’ll keep creating content and everybody is allowed to see what I’ve created and are allowed to appreciate and criticize.

  • Q. You have 5k followers on Instagram, What you would like to say to your fans & followers ?

All I want to say to my 5K inspirare fam, that I love you guys so much! Thank you for all the support and the love you’ve given me. Whenever I want to give up the first thing that comes up in my mind is “How will I answer them?” Thank you again for all the support and love and I promise I’ll keep creating what you guys love. Virtual hugs to everyone.

  • Q. Who is your favorite Celebrities in Fashion ?

I really like Ileana d’cruz and Sonam kapoor.

  • Q. How was you first Blogging Photoshoot ?

My first blogging photoshoot was done by my mom in just 10 minutes. I didn’t really own a DSLR camera at that time. I clicked photos from my samsung galaxy grand. I still really admire how it turned out. Its one of my favorite posts.

  • Q. What’s your social media links that your fans can follow you.

My social Media Links:

Instagram- @theinspirarevogue
Twitter- @Anumeetk
Snapchat- Anuuuu22
Roposo- @theinspirarevogue

So she was “Anumeet” that give all answers 🙂 Thanks Anumeet for this wonderful Interview !

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