About IFB


Fashion and photography have become part of every individual’s life. You dress up, using all the essentials and often look for people who admire your dressing from head to toe and of course you want to get captured amazingly when you are all dolled up. There were times when we used to look at a picture of the celebrity and get an aspiration of how they dress up. Today we have a plethora of opportunities.

Pals, why don’t you make an opportunity to become a celebrity of your own world? Let people think you are an inspiration to them. The time flew and you can be in a frame where the celebrity once used to be. Grab a chance to become a blogger and We the Indian Fashion Blogger community is a platform which allows you to promote and market your Instagram account. It acts as a promotional tool which attracts various people and inspires them to build up their profile uniquely.

We are pacemakers who help you to collaborate with various channels and also give a shout out to your profile which can reach about 60,000 to one million people. We also provide an opportunity for you to collaborate with the photographers who are very popular in town. You can build a wonderful portfolio which brings you a lot of fame.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, Worry not! we Indian Fashion Bloggers Community (IFB) is here to help you connect with the world, the lifestyle, the fashion, and the photography.

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